Our ultramodern technology recreates each security appearance embedded in a real license to our fake id templates. The staff makes it certain to parse your data on these and, print an unbelievable fake id card.

The Steps to Create State IDs and Driver Licenses

We use PDF417 and applications like ScannR to ensure that your ID passes the scanning test of its 2D and 1D barcodes. Each ID is affixed with an in-line hologram including MLI (Metallic Layering Insignia) credentials. The new version of Tactile printing in states like Texas and New York requires specialized printing techniques.

Depending on the card design you choose, the 3 data tracks contrained on the Hi/Co magnetic stripe will contain retrievable (scannable) data such as a customer’s Name, Age, License #, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry, and other customer-defined fields (as specified on your order form).

Our laminates are purchased from a dedicated source. Their supplied hologram overlays perfectly aligns with the card stock and never does the ink printed on it fades like the other cheaply available fake ids sold online. Each state’s UV features are identical to it’s “REAL” counterpart.

  • PASSING RATE Our fake ids are known to be passable just about anywhere. Be it a gas station or a strip club your fake id will remain flawless.
  • STEALTH AND SHIPPING We use USPS and DHL for shipping. Your packages are disguised properly and will go through the US Customs.
  • ACCURATE REPLICATIONS We are the only fake id maker whose authentic products are known to scan on every scanning app.
  • MODERN EQUIPMENT We use a commercial-grade Thermal Glass Substrate Transfer and Dye Sublimation printing process — printing directly onto the card, and encoding the card with your details all in one in-line pass.

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